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Tanner Peterson 

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Feeling Alright- Official Video 

Tanner Peterson is a singer/songwriter based out of Minnesota who conveys a blend of folk/soul and acoustic rock music. His influences include artists such as Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer. His songs are based on life experience, spirituality, and self empowerment.

Tanner recently broke the LLC world record for "the longest street performance", with a 26 hour long street performance. He also recently had his song Sanity go up to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket with the crew that accompanied William Shatner.

Tanner Peterson - Sanity
00:00 / 04:23
Tanner Peterson - Losin' My Soul
00:00 / 02:45
Tanner Peterson - Safe and Sound
00:00 / 02:55
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